Interactive Autism Network found children with autism spectrum disorders are bullied nearly five times as often compared to their peers. 

Pandas Empowered is a self-defense program catered to children with special needs.

This program is close to our hearts as it was developed after a provider told Professor Marcello and coach Jasmin that their autistic son, Noah, would never be able to participate in athletic activities.  Through coach Jasmin's unrelenting perseverance and research, this program was developed and now Noah is able not only train in sports, but to actually compete in open Jiu Jitsu tournaments with other kids his age.  Because of the great success the program has had with Noah, Coach Jasmin and Professor Marcello decided to extend this opportunity to help other special needs children in the community.

The specialized training involves constant assessing of the child's strengths while encouraging muscle memory and situational awareness. We want to connect all ages and abilities to access the benefits of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

The Empowered Pandas Program includes promotional access Parents Night Out as well as Fun Fridays. Contact us for more information about this unique program!